What to mention according to multidisciplinary betting

Gambling industry is not a risky occupation anymore. However, soccer, American football, hockey and MMA stay ahead, there is a heap of different sports to gain. The most useful recommendation is to pay attention to the disciplines combining features of diverse ones, such as duathlon, triathlon, aquathlon and other sports. In order to boost in such a staking, let’s check the basics out.

The main cross-branch types

Triathlon is a mixture of three kinds of sports that are constantly rotating. It’s divided into summer and winter subtypes. Summer one consists of swimming, cycling and running, while winter sport is about running, cyclocross and cross-country skiing.
Many consider triathlon almost a medieval sport, but its history is much shorter. Triathlon originated in France about a hundred years ago, but lost popularity quickly. Only in the 70s it got his second chance.

Duathlon is also a three-stage race that includes running, cycling and running again. It is similar to triathlon, the only difference is the absence of a swimming stage. There is also a winter option – a variable combination of running and skiing, although it’s considered an unofficial sport.

Duathlon has a more humble history than triathlon. In Western literature it’s repeatedly mentioned that the duathlon appeared in the mid-1980s in the United States and originally was called «Run-Bike-Run». Firstly, its format served to extend the racing season for triathletes in spring and autumn.

Aquatlon is a fast-growing sport that includes running and swimming. A typical aquathlon is a combination of “run – swim – run”, however, at amateur, commercial starts, you can often see a two-stage race in which athletes swim once and run once. There are also different varieties, for example, aquabike.

In modern history, there is evidence that aquathlon-like races were held for lifeguards on Australian beaches in the 1950s. Those sporting competitions combined running on the beach, swimming to the buoy and back to the shore, and then the final run down the beach.


Basic bets on interdisciplinary sports

Here is a list of widespread bets to use:

  • Victory
    Bettors can gamble on the final winning or on the victory in a separate stage. For the prize.
  • Face-to-face duel
    It’s about predicting which of two athletes will come to the finish line faster than the other.
  • Time performance
    The bookmaker sets the time, and you have to forecast whether the participant will show better or worse results.
  • To conclude: pros and cons of such a betting
    Any gambling can be always profitable, there is always a risk of losing even on the most obvious favorite of the competition, so there are both betting pros and cons.

Among advantages:

  1. Lots of information for analysis. In this case chances to bet with profit highly increase.
  2. Basic rules of these disciplines can be easily understood after the first viewing of the competition.
  3. Several effective strategies can be found effortlessly.

Among disadvantages:

  1. These are developing sports, thus you need to search for bookmakers offering such stakes.
  2. The final result of the race can be influenced by many factors: weather, athlete’s shape, puncture of the wheels on the bike, etc.
  3. To bet or not to bet is up to you, but benefits are evident.